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May 2018: Join Charlie behind the scenes on the Smokie 2018 Tour

Updated: May 3, 2022

March was a busy but amazing month on tour with rock/ country band Smokie. Charlie was fortunate enough to join them, opening up for five of their UK tour dates before the band set off around the rest of Europe.

It was great to meet fans at Llandudno, Halifax, Inverness, Southport and York; some of whom were there 10 years ago when Charlie supported the band for the first time.

Check out her video tour diary below... there's two episodes joining Charlie in rehearsals and then out on the road. Don't forget to click like and subscribe to her YouTube channel for all the latest video/ music content!


If you want to get hold of Charlie's latest album, 'Ghosts & Heroes', which includes 'Landslide' and 'Silver Thunderbird' from the Smokie Tour. Click the album cover below.

Charlie's 2005 debut album 'Sleeping at the Station' features the original songs 'New Horizons', 'Moving On', 'Not the Way', 'Poppies' and the title track along with her beautiful interpretation of 'Fields of Gold', plus many more. 'Sleeping at the Station' is available for download only from Amazon and iTunes.

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