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March 2017: New Show, New Sound

You may have noticed a few changes around here; a new photoshoot, some new vocal tracks, a new look website.

A black and white publicity photo of Charlie Barker holding a Baby Taylor acoustic guitar.

It all amounts to a new show and a new sound for Charlie.

You may have been able to hear some of the early previews of it from January up to now. We're very pleased to say we've got more live dates coming up for the rest of the year.

First things first, take a listen to the new material...

Back in January Charlie was pleased to support the Gulu Sheffield Mental Heath Project by playing a couple of gigs in support of raising awareness and funds to build and staff mental health centres in Gulu, Uganda. The second of these concerts raised £870 for the charity and charity workers are currently helping people Uganda right now with the proceeds.

Find out more about Gulu Sheffield Mental Health Project here:

Coming up we've got some exciting gig dates going into the future where you'll be able to hear the new show including an appearance at Wentworth Music Festival, Roots Music Club and many more. Take a look at the live dates for more.


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