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February 2018: Charlie supporting Smokie


A publicity of rock band Smokie all wearing black, looking at the camera on a white background.

Charlie Barker is announced as Smokie's support act for selected dates on their much anticipated UK tour. It's been 10 years since Charlie first played support for the band and she's delighted to be joining them again at selected dates.

6th March - LLANDUDNO

9th March - HALIFAX

16th March - INVERNESS

21st March - SOUTHPORT

23rd March - YORK

For more details and to get your tickets visit and

Charlie first met the band back in 2008 in her native South Yorkshire, when she was offered the opportunity to play support at their tour date at the Barnsley Metrodome Arena playing to over 1,500 people. Here they are backstage after her performance.

Charlie in the centre standing with rock band Smokie backstage.
Charlie with rock band Smokie at the Barnsley Metrodome Arena in 2010.


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