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September 2017

We hope you've had a great summer!

A publicity photo of Charlie wearing a black and white chequed dress holding a Baby Taylor acoustic guitar.

Thanks to those who've come to support Charlie at concerts throughout this busy time. It's been good to see you all, whether it was your first gig or your fiftieth!

Here's the latest news for September...

Charlie's new Country and Pop material has been positively received at festivals, venues and clubs around the country this summer.

Charlie singing and cheering on the runners of York's Run For All 10K race. Running past her is a person wearing a T-Rex outfit.

Many have seen and heard Charlie entertaining the participants and spectators of Jayne Tomlinson's 'Run For All' 10K events, which have been great fun to be part of. Throughout the summer Charlie performed for everyone at Hull, Leeds, York and Leicester.

Still to come you can catch Charlie at the Bury 10K (17th Sept) and in her hometown at the Sheffield 10K (24th Sept).

Also, much respect to the person at York 10K running dressed at a T-Rex, you were a personal favourite of mine!

A purple star logo with the name SQP Live Ltd written across it.

September sees a very special announcement and the start of a new and exciting partnership with agent Simon Quarmby at SQP Live Ltd.

Simon has been in the industry since he left school in 1984 and worked his way to becoming the company's Managing Director. With a roster of impressive artists already on his books, Charlie is looking forward to getting out on the road again.

Charlie is now available for bookings through SQP Live Ltd.


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Here's the latest videos...


Charlie pictured with John Blanks, Bob Chiswick and Pete Davies stood in front of a stage.
L-R: John Blanks, Bob Chiswick, Pete Davies and Charlie Barker

Finally, Charlie joined musicians Pete Davies, John Blanks and Bob Chiswick at the Roots Music Club in Doncaster at the start of the month for Vin Garbutt's memorial concert.

It was a wonderful evening, paying tribute to the 'Teeside Troubadour' on what would have been Vin's return date to South Yorkshire.

All proceeds from the event raised over £300 for the Garbutt family's chosen charity, Zoe's Place Baby Hospice.


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